SHPA Officer - Media Coordinator 2015-16

Vishal is a Master’s student in the Historic Preservation Program. He has a background in architecture and has received his degree from the University of Mumbai in India. His interest in history and conservation is clearly reflected in his undergraduate thesis where he concentrated his study and design on how history, memory and migration can affect, shape and influence today’s dynamic neighbourhoods and in a similar context help preserve its unique way of life.

After receiving his B.Arch. he worked professionally as a junior architect in an international architecture firm, where he assisted in developing designs for villas, community centres, townships and was also responsible for designing brochures/ reports for his clients. His interest in history made him change his course and then he joined a Conservation Architect in Mumbai, where he worked as a senior architect. This leap inspired him to consider Historic Preservation as his future career.



  • Bachelor of Architecture - Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture - University of Mumbai
  • Masters of Science in Masters of Science in Historic Preservation - School of Architecture - University of Texas at Austin
photo of Vishal Joshi