Francisco “Paco” Arumi-Noe Memorial Fellowship in Sustainable Design Scholarship
Design Futures 2016 - Alumni

My full name is Yureisly, but everyone calls me Yure. I am a second year Master of Science in Sustainable Design student at the University of Texas at Austin. Before moving to Austin I graduated with a B.A. in Architecture from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela (Where I am from).  I plan to graduate in May 2017.  My graduate research focuses in the issue of wellness as related to architecture and workplace design, building technologies, and work protocols.

I currently work as a Graduate Research Assistant studying the status quo of sustainable and environmental studies in the scale of academia while mapping where UTSoA’s sustainability studies are in correlation with the rest of the country.  My task is to gather, correlate, and structure information of current and future studies of sustainable design to analyze them with respect UTSoA’s program in order to propose new scenarios to refine the current MSSD structure, image, and scope.  I also work as a Teaching Assistant for the Materials Lab, which is a research center at the School of Architecture with a focus on material research in design.  The Materials Lab maintains the largest academic library of building material samples in the world, and also organizes programming for students, faculty, and staff.  This semester I am participating in the research for the upcoming Construction and Demolition Ordinance from the City of Austin to put together an exhibition, develop research on living walls, identify new materials for digital fabrication on laser cutter, CNC router, and CNC knife, and assisting in the design and fabrication of an installation for the Waller Creek Light Show.
After graduation, I envision a career working with talented teams on projects addressing the complexities of sustainable and regenerative architecture: from efficiency, aesthetics, all the way to construction methods, to user satisfaction, wellness, and social equity.