Ariadna Reyes,  2018
Dissertation: Energy Justice and the Consolidated Informal City: A Case Study of Isidro Fabela, Mexico City 
Perry World House Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania.

Laura Alejandra Reyes, 2018
Dissertation: Mexico’s Housing Paradox: The Political Economy of Inaccessibility and Vacancy
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance at the University of Toronto, Canada

Thomas Warren Hilde, 2017
Dissertation: Green Infrastructure for Disaster Resilience: Exploring Connections with Scenario Planning
Assistant Professor, Cleveland State University

Juan Guillermo Yunda, 2017
Dissertation: “Juntos Pero no Revueltos:” The Influence of the Social Stratification System on Urban Densification Patterns in Bogotá, Colombia
Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Kwangyul Choi, 2016
Dissertation: Unpacking the Complex Relationship among Land Use, Vehicle Travel, and Transportation Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Metropolitan Growth and Change at University of Calgary, Canada

Andrea R. Roberts, 2016
Dissertation: The Texas Freedom Colony Diaspora: The Role of Foundational Stories in African American Placemaking and Preservation in Deep East Texas
Assistant Professor, Urban Planning and Faculty Fellow of the Center for Heritage Conservation at Texas A&M University

Alan Christen Bush, 2016
Dissertation: Leadership for Resilient Urban Systems: Two Cases in Asheville, NC
Honors College Faculty, University of South Florida

Marla Judith Torrado, 2016
Dissertation: Planning and Knowledge: Industrial Agriculture, Grupo de Madres de Ituzaingó Anexo and Gendered Community Organizing
Program Coordinator, Austin Community Design and Development Center

Jane Futrell Winslow, 2015
Dissertation: Linking Public Health and Community Design through Green Infrastructure
Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at Texas A&M University

Wenjia Zhang, 2015
Dissertation: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations of Excessive Congestion as a Result of Market and Planning Failures
Assistant Professor, School of Urban Planning & Design at Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, China

Sara Marie Hammerschmidt, 2015
Dissertation: Healthy People, Healthy Places: Incorporating a Health Focus into the Practice of Planning
Senior Director, Urban Land Institute

Kristine Stiphany, 2015
Dissertation: Learning Displacement: Self-building, Educational Infrastruture, and the Politics of Development in Brazilian Informal Settlements
Assistant Professor, College of Architecture at Texas Tech University

Elizabeth Walsh, 2015
Dissertation: Home Ecology and Challenges in the Design of Healthy Home Environments: Possibilities for Low-Income Home Repair as a Leverage Point for Environmental Justice in Gentrifying Urban Environments
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Denver

Leah Hollstein, 2014
Dissertation: Planning Decisions for Vacant Lots in the Context of Shrinking Cities: A Survey and Comparison of Practices in the United States
Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati

Kathryn Howell, 2013
Dissertation: Transforming Neighborhoods, Changing Communities: Understanding the Implications of Physical and Demographic Change in Washington, DC
Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jennifer Minner, 2013
Dissertation: Landscapes of Thrift and Choreographies of Change: Reinvestment and Adaptation along Austin’s Commercial Strips
Assistant Professor, Department of City & Regional Planning at Cornell University

Nishtha Mehta, 2012
Dissertation: “Water Thieves:” Women, Water, and Development in New Delhi, India
Water and Sanitation Specialist, The World Bank

Khaled Abdulrahman Alawadi, 2012
Dissertation: Rethinking Dubai’s Urbanism: Generating Sustainable Form-Based Urban Design Strategies for an Integrated Neighborhood
Associate Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates

Bige Yilmaz, 2011
Dissertation: A National Innovation System Building Process in a Developing Country Context: The Case of Turkey
Projects Manager, work2future

Eric Marsh, 2010
Dissertation: The Role of Collaborative Planning in Contaminated Site Redevelopment and Plan Implementation
Analyst, Skeo Solutions

Ahmed Baha Abukhater, 2010
Dissertation: Equity in the Context of Bilateral, International Water Allocation Treaties in Arid Regions: An Interdisciplinary, Transformative Approach to Conflict Resolution
Visiting Assistant Professor, University at Albany College of Arts and Sciences

Barbara Brown Wilson, 2010
Dissertation: Social Movement towards Spatial Justice: Crafting a Theory of Civic Urban Form
Assistant Professor, University of Virginia School of Architecture

Chang Yi, 2009
Dissertation: Role of Transportation in Employment Outcomes of the Disadvantaged
Research Fellow, The Seoul Institute, South Korea

J. Rosie Tighe, 2009
Dissertation: Public Perceptions of Affordable Housing: How Race and Class Stereotyping Influence Views
Associate Professor, Cleveland State University

Hugo Rodolfo Rincon, 2009
Dissertation: Study of Dialogic Approaches and Responses in Planning Low-Income Communities in Maracaibo, Venezuela: the “Promotion of Full Citizenship” Plan
Planner, Policy and Urban Design, The Corporation of the Town of Milton, Canada

Stacey Bricka, 2008
Dissertation: Trip Chaining: Linking the Influences and Implications
Senior Research Scientist, Macrosys Research & Technology

Jin-Oh Kim, 2008
Dissertation: An Integrative Area Selection Method for Biodiversity Conservation in the DMZ and the CCZ of South Korea
Assistant Professor, Kyung Hee University, South Korea

Andrew Paul Karvonen, 2008
Dissertation: Botanizing the Asphalt: Politics of Urban Drainage
Associate Professor and Director of Doctoral Studies, Division of Urban and Regional Studies at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Lisa Marie Weston, 2005
Dissertation: What Helps and What Hinders the Independent Mobility of Non-Driving Teens
Research Associate, Center for Economic Development and Research at the University of North Texas

Juchul Jung, 2005
Dissertation: The Impact of Institutional Settings on Local Hazard Mitigation Efforts: A “New Institutional” Perspective
Program Director of Urban Engineering, Pusan National University College of Engineering, South Korea

Mehmet Bengü Uluengin, 2004
Dissertation: Preservation under the Crescent and Star: Using New Sources for Examining the Historic Development of the Balat District in Istanbul and Its Meanings for Historic Preservation
Associate Professor, Bahçeşehir University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Turkey

Up Lim, 2003
Dissertation: Knowledge Spillovers, Spatial Dependence, and Regional Economic Growth in U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Professor, Department of Urban Planning and Engineering at Yonsei University, South Korea

Ralf Gregor Brand, 2003
Dissertation: Co-Evolution toward Sustainable Development: Neither Smart Technologies nor Heroic Choices
Senior Mobility Expert, Rupprecht Consult – Forschung & Beratung GmbH, Germany

Kelly Jean Clifton, 2001
Dissertation: Mobility Strategies and Provisioning Activities of Low-Income Households in Austin, Texas
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Portland State University

Valeen Adams Silvy, 2000
Dissertation: The Social Constitution of the Texas Water Planning Process: A Phenomenological Description and Analysis

Jenni Minner_photo Zachary Tyler Newton 5.jpg

Jenni Minner photo 5
Jennifer Minner is Assistant Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University.

Andrea Roberts leading a community discussion.jpg

Andrea Roberts leading a community discussion
Andrea Roberts leading a community discussion

Juan Yunda with students.jpg

Juan Yunda with students
Juan Yunda with students

Sara Hammerschmidt presenting at Urban Land Institute_use this.jpg

Sara Hammerschmidt presenting at Urban Land Institute_use this
Sara Hammerschmidt presenting at Urban Land Institute