Bachelor of Science in Interior Design 

A comprehensive list of all courses interior design students will take is available in the Undergraduate Catalog. Below are descriptions of the design courses interior design students will take.

ARC/ARI 310K and ARC/ARI 310L, Design I and II, are taken by students in both the Architecture and Interiors sequences.

ARI 310K Design I
This course is intended to work with ARC 308 Architecture and Society to give students who are new to the study of architecture a broad exposure to the diverse issues present in design problems. Through a sequence of projects, the semester emphasizes divergent issues relevant to architecture and interiors students:

Architectural Technology/Construction
Form and Experiential Factors
Architectural Theory/Ideology

The sum of a student's experience should dispel preconceptions about design being a formalist exercise in taste, or a reductive process based on a narrow set of issues. The projects are intended to show that design involves a complex synthesis of issues.

ARI 310L Design II
This course begins a synthesis of the diverse issues introduced in Design I and introduces site factors as generators of design.

The semester's work consists of two primary projects (one focuses on site/building/interior relationships on a natural site and the second on site/building/interior relationships in an urban context).

Upon completion of ARC/ARI 310L, Architecture students proceed to ARC 320K, while Interior Design students move on to ARI 320K.

ARI 320K Design III
With ARC Design II as a point of departure, the focus of ARI Design III shifts to more a thorough investigation of interior space. At the same time, emphasis is given to means of representation as a vehicle for exploration. The semester's work consists of a series of exercises that build to a summary project.

ARI 520L Design IV
The aim of this course is to provide experience in making by firmly examining the dialectic between form and space in visual and kinesthetic terms through a series of quick exercises and one long-term design research project. Emphasis is on developing exemplary attitudes in three-dimensional design and expertise in fabrication methods.

ARI 530K Design V
This studio has two components that focus on the design of furniture and the advanced design of interior space. Associated with previous study in construction, and connections and details, this course explores profound issues in interior design practice.

ARI 530L Design VI - Sound Interior Studio
Design VI offers an extraordinary opportunity to experience the complexity of design. The project for this studio typically involves the design of a substantial and complex interior space. Emphasis is placed on the clear integration of the various concerns that are typically balanced in design work, including conceptual, functional, programmatic, material, technical, lighting, access, code, and other concerns.

Students are required to submit a portfolio at the end of the semester. A satisfactory portfolio and successful completion of this summation studio is required for entry into Advanced Design.

ARI 560R Advanced Design Studio 
Students seeking the Bachelor of Interior Design degree are required to complete two advanced design studios. The advanced studios are topic-based, allowing students more flexibility in their final year of study. The School of Architecture offers several study-abroad programs, which will satisfy one of the two required advanced design studio credits.