This schedule is conceived as a two-year cycle. In other words, the 2014-2015 schedule should repeat this pattern, with exceptions noted. Please consult other departmental schedules for courses other than ARC. This schedule is subject to change.

Course Faculty Course number Summer 2014 Fall 2014 Spring 2015
Light and Sustainable Design Fajkus ARC 386M   X  
Solar Geo & Energy Flow Whitsett ARC 386M   X  
Thermal Modeling Whitsett ARC 386M     X
Energy Walks Leidl ARC 386M     X
Regenerative Architecture Garrison ARC 386M   X  
Advanced SD Studio Leidl ARC 560/696   X X
Society, Nature & Technology Moore ARC 386M     X
Topics in Sustainable Development Dooling ARC 386M / CRP 383     X
Research Design Moore ARC 386M     X
Public Interest Design Studio Coker   X    
PID, Methods of Engagement Wilson ARC 386M X    
PID, Methods of Evaluation Moore ARC 386M X