January, 1985


Wayne Attoe
Carles W. Moore

Executive Editor

Susan R. Hoover

Consulting Editor

Larry Paul Fuller

Table of Contents 

  • Why Classicism . . . And Why Not?

    by Wayne Attoe

  • A Note From Charles Jencks

    by Charles Jencks

Dreams for Res Publica

  • James Riely Gordon and the Skycolumn

    by Lila Stillson

  • Some City Halls

    Escondido Civic Center, Pacific Associates Planners Architects, Inc.

    Corpus Christi City Hall, Taft Architects

    Friendswood City Hall, Lawrence Speck and Associates

    by Wayne Attoe and Charles W. Moore with Renard Roy

  • Fair Park, Dallas

    by Lawrence W. Speck

  • On the Possibility of Classic Traffic

    by Wayne Attoe and David Bogle

  • Work in the Public Realm

    Plaza Guadalupe, Reyna Caragonne Architects

    Conrad Sulzer Regional Library, Hammond Beeby and Babka

    The Woodlands Mall, ELS Design Group

Landscapes Real and Imagined

  • The Mediterranean Villa in America: Three Episodes

    by David Gebhard

  • Gardens as Mediation

    by Wayne Attoe, David Bogle and Charles W. Moore

  • Paseo del Alamo, Ford, Powell & Carson

  • Plan for a Place

  • Gardens for a Director: Florence Yoch's Italian Renaissance Lancscapes

    for Romeo and Juliet and for George Cukor's Home

    by James J. Yoch, Jr.

  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Jones & Jones

Types and Variegation

  • The Varieties of Collegiate Classicism

    by Paul Venable Turner

  • Adaptations of Classical Themes in Kansas City

    by Richard Farnan

  • Court Living

    Palomar Apartments, Mead & Requa

    Isabella Court, W.D. Bordeaux

    Escorial, Tom Hatch

    Encinal Apartments, Barnstone Architects

    Ralph Isham Residence, Childs & Smith

    Peterkin House, Barnstone Architects

    Villa on the Bay, Batey & Mack

    by Katherine Liapi and Charles W. Moore

  • Regionalist Details in Classicist Settings

  • Recipe for Success: Shopping Center a la Zabaglione

    by Sylvia McIntyre and Charles W. Moore

  • Davis Addition, Houston, Peter Papademetriou

  • Robinson/Burney House, Albuquerque, Antoine Predock

The Quality of Classical Dreams

  • Free-Style Classicism: True and False

    by Martin Filler

  • Timeliness and Timelessness

    by Lawrence W. Speck

  • The Qualities of Quality

    by Charles W. Moore

2nd issue of CAAD's Center series