December, 2019


Managing Editor

Table of Contents 

Introduction, Ulrich Dangel
Questions of Sustainability, D. Michelle Addington
Design for Global Forestry, Grace Jeffers
Challenges: Innovative Design with a Traditional Material, Jan-Peter Koppitz
Construction Revolution, Andrew Waugh
Biographies & Credits


Our society is currently faced with two significant challenges: human-made climate change and the need to provide housing for an ever-increasing world population. To provide sufficient housing for future generations, while at the same time lessening the impact on our environment, we must rethink the way we build. Wood is a truly renewable building material that is unlimited in supply if its growth and harvest are sustainably managed. The latest innovations in engineering allow for the use of timber in the construction of multi-story and long-span structures. By replacing steel and concrete with timber, our buildings and cities can become carbon sinks rather than becoming sources for CO2 emissions. Time for Timber looks at using wood as an alternative to more fossil-fuel intensive building materials and explains that an integrated approach can have the potential for positive impact on the environment, local economies, and the building culture at large.

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