January, 2015

The following excerpt was written by dean and Henry M. Rockwell Chair in Architecture, Frederick Steiner, whose most recent books include Urban Ecological Design (with Danilo Palazzo, 2011) and Design for a Vulnerable Planet (2011).

"I Watched the Light: Photographs of Rome" was published in Places Journal in January 2015:

You don’t need to look for nature in Rome; nature finds you. Rome is about change and continuity, contrast and harmony. The deep structure of the place is evident all around, in the rocks, the flow of water, the plants, what people have built through the ages. The city is alive and constantly adjusting to the present. Rome is ecological, full of interconnections with environments and organisms of all sorts.

Read more of this work on the Places Journal website, here.


Sculpture and bird  @UTSOA
"You don’t need to look for nature here. Nature finds you." Photo by Frederick Steiner.

Frederick Steiner