October, 2016

Managing Editors

Brianna Garner
Adam Ogusky
Martin Sinel

Assistant Editors

Amelia Adams
Warner Cook
Greg Griffin
Allison Long
Raksha Vasudevan
Sam Day-Woodruff
Stephen Zigmund

Volume 17, 2016

With great pride in the results of last year's Planning Forum re-boot, Volume 17 features work on the community revitalization provisions of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Texas allocation plans; a transregional scale of analysis for economic communities; the persistent issues of racial segregation, poverty concentration, and unequal access to opportunity in subsidized low income rental housing in the United States; modernist architecture in Wroclaw, Poland; advice for planners aspiring to work from within a progressive political framework; and three book reviews, the first argues for a "new materialist" approach to planning; the second highlights the relevance of labor unionism for planners; and the third evaluates new material on smart cities.

Planning Forum is an annual publication produced by graduate and doctoral students in the Department of Community and Regional Planning at The University of Texas at Austin. The journal has the mission statement:

To serve as a platform for emerging voices and new perspectives on the most pressing issues in planning.

Scholars, practitioners, activists, and writers of all kinds are welcome to submit.


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