October, 2020


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Table of Contents 

Dean Michelle Addington
Dean Almy
Simon Atkinson
Sinclair Black
Maggie Hansen
Martin Haettasch
Junfeng Jiao
Edna Ledesma
Josiah Lindquist
Juan Miro
Smantha Whitney Schwarze
Wilfried Wang
Jake Wegmann
Sarah Wu

Featured Alumni:
Khaled Alawadi
Ashley Craig
Kevin Howard

Platform is the annual magazine of The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. It serves as a platform for the school to investigate the intersections of its research, practice, and pedagogical approaches with a broader audience. Each issue of Platform features articles of topical interest in the disciplines of architecture, architectural history, community and regional planning, historic preservation, interior design, landscape architecture, sustainable design, and urban design. Editors selected from the school's faculty develop a new theme of prompt for the publication each year and drive its conceptual direction.

This issue, titled Urban Agencies: Projections for the Contemporary City, is edited by Associate Professor Dean Almy and asks in what ways we are contributing to the debate on how cities should respond to the contemporary environment—where tensions between economic opportunity, climate change, affordability, and available resources are atomizing the urban environment—and how might cities remain, and offer themselves even further now, as stages for public debate and positive futures for the physical world. In 2020, while many of our streets appear temporarily vacated, people have demonstrated that they have not abandoned their sense of urbanity. This issue asks how and what is the role of urban design practice within this contemporary context, and how can the academy act to direct the conversation today?


Platform: Urban Agencies—Projections for the Contemporary City cover