May, 2016

"Pragmatic Sustainability, 2nd edition, a substantially revised and augmented edition of what was already a seminal collection, will inform and delight anyone interested in the aesthetics of the built environment and the paths to a sustainable future for our planet."
-- Larry A. Hickman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, USA

"Steven Moore has woven a trans disciplinary tapestry of essays that explores contested definitions of sustainability, grounded in the philosophical framework of American pragmatism, that is, a continuing process of co-evolution, of 'things in the making'. The wide ranging essays position sustainability as a continuous cultural practice, as an experimental process that recognizes: 'we only have ourselves to blame'; we recognize that alternative futures are measured by the quality of consequences told by the stories of the people who lived them. The writing is capacious and lucid, a contingent, yet foundational text, a must read for anyone attempting to design life-enhancing change for a more sustainable and equitable future."
--Harrison Fraker, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Department of Architecture; Dean Emeretus, College of Environmental Design; Chair, Energy Resources Group (ERG), UC Berkeley, USA

Pragmatic Sustainability: Dispositions for Critical Adaptation cover