Technology Lab

The Computer Lab is located in the basement of Sutton Hall, with a wide range of input and output devices.


Athenaeum is the e-mail list for the students, faculty, and staff in the CRP program.

Architecture and Planning Library

The Architecture and Planning Library is located on the second floor of Battle Hall.

Career Services

This office is very active and frequently organizes invited speakers and workshops to help write a resume or create a portfolio. It is a great source of employment opportunities in the Austin area as well as nationally.

City Forum

City Forum is an urban issues speaker series hosted by the Community and Regional Planning Program at the School of Architecture. The bimonthly program features discussions of contemporary urban issues with national and local perspectives.

Graduate Writing Center

The Graduate Student Writing Service offers individualized, free consultations in all disciplines and at all levels. Students may bring in any writing project, ranging from a fellowship application or C.V. to an article for publication, a master's thesis, or even a dissertation.

Planning Forum

Planning Forum is the student-run planning journal. It serves as a medium for the multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas related to the study of human communities and to the interation of social, political, and economic policy, as well as the built and natural environments. The journal's intended audience is primarily academic — graduate students and faculty members in worldwide planning-related disciplines — but also includes practitioners who work in fields directly related to journal content.

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office is the place for calendars, catalogs, schedules, and registering for your classes.

Student Forum

Student Forum is a gathering and online platform, where students of the CRP program present and host dialogue on topics of their choice. The Forum offers students the space to share their experiences, ideas, research, and learning with the greater CRP-UTSOA community.

Thesis and Professional Reports

What's in a proposal? How do I choose my readers? How long should it be? It's all in the Thesis and Professional Reports Guidelines.

UT Homepage

Find out what's going on at UT Austin.

UT Libraries

There are fourteen libraries at UT Austin, with most focusing on a specific discipline. A wide range of resources such as online databases and indexes to articles are available on their site.

Visual Resources Collection

The Visual Resources Collection's primary function is to provide a sustainable and searchable collection of visual images to support current classroom teaching with an emphasis on the SOA's curriculum as well as reflecting the specializations of the VRC's patrons. The image collection is comprised of 235,000 35mm slides, 56,000 Web accessible digital images, video tapes, CD-ROMs and DVDs. In addition, the VRC administers the SOA's Photo Union—a black and white darkroom facility—in order to encourage students' investigation into the photographic medium as it relates to the SOA curriculum.