The UTSOA Design Support Lab (Shop) is located on the first floor of Goldsmith in Room 1.101.


Schedule of Operations:

Days and times the DSL will be open this semester can be found here.


Access and Use of Equipment:

Use of the School's Design Support Lab is limited to students, faculty, and staff enrolled in the School of Architecture and working on class-related assignments.  Access to the DSL is enabled after one has successfully passed UT's Environmental Health and Safety training, which focuses on safety, and our own hands-on instruction which focuses on the technical operation of our equipment.

  • EHS's training can be taken on-line here.  PLEASE NOTE that you may have to manually enter “0040000” in the department unit code if it is blank or has a different number.  If you do not do this we will be unable to verify that you’ve completed their training.

  • The DSL's training is hands-on and given to groups of six or more at a time in the DSL.  Please check with your instructor to arrange this for you.



Thom Wolfe
Facility Manager

John Vehko
Technical Staff-Design Workshop

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