The university provides the Canvas system to handle course-based secure student file sharing. If you are a faculty member who needs to distribute files to your students, the IT office strongly recommends Canvas. 

In Fall 2014, the university completed the transition to Canvas and disabled access to Blackboard. Please contact the IT office if you need access to files on Blackboard.


For students wishing to upload their files for sharing the IT office recommends following options:

  • UTBox: https://utexas.box.com/ - 150GB of storage to actively enrolled students (strongly reccommended)
  • Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com - 2 GB of free space, subscriptions available up to 500GB (not approved for Category I data)
  • Austin Disk Services: http://www.utexas.edu/its/storage/ - up to 20 GB of secure, backed-up on-campus storage with encryption. Individual Austin Disk shares are $1.50 per GB per year and can purchased online in 1 GB increments, up to 20 GB.
  • Google drive: https://drive.google.com - 15 GB of free space, no limit on file size.
  • GE.TT - http://ge.tt - Free account, 2 GB storage limit, files expire after 30 days.