photo of Kathryn Dictus

Kathryn Dictus

Teaching Assistant

Master of Landscape Architecture First Professional

photo of Katherine Hill

Katherine Hill

Teaching Assistant

Master of Science in Historic Preservation

Before I dreamed of a master’s degree in anything, my father fit a hardhat to my head and took every opportunity to present me as his junior engineer. When he visited boiler rooms, I held the flashlight steady. He made sure I understood the way the boiler worked, and why steam was important. We’d point out buildings that still had coal chutes, stop together at grade crossings to wave at passing locomotives, and he spun me tales of the early railroads moving pioneers west.

photo of Amelia Mickelsen

Amelia Mickelsen

Teaching Assistant

Master of Architecture, First Professional

photo of Emma Patton

Emma Patton

Teaching Assistant

Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning

photo of Elizabeth Schaub

Elizabeth Schaub

Director, Visual Resources Collection

Elizabeth Schaub has been Director of the School of Architecture Visual Resources Collection at The University of Texas at Austin since 1997. Elizabeth’s areas of responsibility include budgeting, personnel, collection development, training, project management, marketing, and strategic planning. She has served as Co-editor of ARLIS/NA’s online publication Multimedia & Technology Reviews (2013-2015), Implementation Team Co-chair for the Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources and Image Management (2011-2012), ARLIS/NA Board Education Liaison (2007-2009), ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter President (2006), and VRA Bulletin Associate Editor (2005-2009).