Keith T. Stanigar

IT Coordinator

Never known to shy away from a challenge or adventure, Keith Stanigar has stumbled upon a new lifepath back in the town where it all started for him. As a Longhorn alum, there have been many opportunities afforded to Keith including interning on feature films Miss Congeniality and The New Guy both filmed in Austin. He worked for 10 years in post-production television with clients Comedy Central, MSNBC, SNL, Nickelodeon, ESPN, Showtime, Sesame Street, and others.

After a 10-year career in “the biz,” teaching took Keith to the other side of the planet and landed him in South Korea where he developed a taste for spicy food and soju. This was, also, the place where he co-founded an electronic music label focused on bringing like-minded people together to boogie down all night long.

His next stop was the Czech Republic, known for its beer and nature. Try to guess which one Keith enjoys more? European culture was a good fit for Keith and his family, but circumstances have brought him and his family back to where his journey initially begin… THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS!

Let's get it! Hook Em!


  • BS Communications Radio, Television, Film -  The University of Texas at Austin

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