A mandatory third year review is conducted by a subcommittee of the Executive Committee during an assistant professor's sixth long semester (Spring of third year). Results from the faculty member's annual review conducted in the fifth semester (Fall) are incorporated into the third year review. The review covers the criteria that will be used in tenure consideration including teaching, research/scholarship, and service.

The subcommittee presents the review, along with supporting documentation (cumulative faculty record, select publications, course-instructor evaluation comments) provided by the faculty member, to Executive Committee for discussion. A written summary is presented to the whole Executive Committee for discussion, ratification, and vote. The Dean meets with the faculty member for a feedback session where he/she is advised that he/she will receive a written assessment. The faculty member is informed that he/she may provide a written response to the final written assessment.

The review is intended to be "a mid-course correction." If areas of opportunity are identified, corrective suggestions are made. If progress is satisfactory in the criteria areas, the assistant professor is advised to continue the progress. In some instances highly meritorious performance is identified and recommendations are made for early consideration for promotion and tenure.