Technology Services Coordinator

Courtney has been with The University of Texas since 2013. She has more than 10 years of experience training teams, engineering processes, and fostering a collaborative culture. Courtney has also directed multiple teams across campus responsible for instructional technology, asset lifecycle management programs, and quality assurance.

Her role with Texas Architecture is within the Technology Lab. She facilitates technology purchasing, oversees daily lab functions, manages the supply chain and vendor relationships, coordinates website updates, and supervises the Technology Lab TAs. Courtney also evaluates and improves existing technological and organizational workflows and processes.

Courtney recently completed an MBA in Management Information Systems. Further study into heterodox economics, moral philosophy, and metapolitics will follow.


  • BFA in Interior Design
  • MBA in Management Information Systems
photo of Courtney Morshed
  • economics
  • operations management
  • database design
  • politics
  • organizational leadership
  • ethics
  • organizational behavior
  • public policy
  • mentoring
  • supply chain
  • philosophy
  • interior design
  • rendering
  • collaborative virtual environments
  • SQL
  • programming
  • python