East Austin Environmental Justice Project
In East Austin, communities of color have long suffered the adverse effects of environmental injustices. Industrial plants are located next door to elementary schools and people’s homes, resulting in health risks from pollution, heavy traffic, and noise. Our goal is to initiate a citizen-driven process to investigate and document the environmental risk these industries pose to the people of East Austin, and particularly to the children who grow up in this neighborhood. The East Austin Environmental Justice Project is a partnership between the Community and Regional Planning Program of the University of Texas, People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources (PODER), Zavala Elementary, and American Youth Works. This website presents initial data gathered through a participatory research project in spring, 2007.
Planning and Urban Design Standards, Student Edition
Edited Dean Frederick R. Steiner and Associate Dean Kent Butler and created under the auspices of the American Planning Association, the Planning and Urban Design Standards, Student Edition is the most comprehensive reference book on urban planning, design, and development available today. This book, an abridgement of the first edition of Planning and Urban Design Standards, edited by Megan Lewis and William Klein of APA, is intended to serve as a reference for a broad range of planning courses required in accredited planning program curricula and a useful reference for planning courses offered in architecture, landscape architecture, geography, civil engineering, environmental studies, and public administration programs.