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Center Publications

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CENTER 19: Curtains

March 2014

CENTER 19 cover

CURTAINS was a multi-site installation and exhibition designed to explore the use of fabrics in contemporary art and architecture-not in the form of rigid tensile structures, nor in the form of cladding or upholstery, but in their more relaxed, natural forms: curtains associated with windows, yes, but also defining and activating spaces indoors and out, billowing overhead as canopies, catching and using wind like sails, creating shade, diffusing light, holding color in their folds, filtering views, absorbing sound, showing the wind, and making theater of the everyday.

This volume of CENTER aims to inspire openness to curtains and their kin in the hope that this will help rejuvenate the art of architecture. An openness that will help designers to move on to an architecture that is more resource efficient, more technologically sophisticated, and less stylistically dogmatic, an architecture more embracing of humanity and truly interested in the possibilities of dwelling.



CENTERLINE 8: Mining Location J.O. 180: Experimental Buildings at Shoal Lake

January 2014

Centerline 8 cover

A lake house holds a special place in the psyche of Canadian culture that often times grounds itself in its wealth of extant wilderness and pioneering roots. Such campsites are part of a tradition and serve as stepping-stones to a natural world. Indeed, despite their occasional inhabitation, the experiences of a lake house are frequently given a primary place in our memory-standing in contrast to our increasingly urban lives.



O'Neil Ford Monograph 5: Philharmonie, Hans Scharoun

O'Neil Ford Monograph 5: Philharmonie, Hans Scharoun

ISBN: 978-3-8030-0758-2

July 2013

The Archive of Hans Scharoun is one of the most voluminous bequests of the Architectural Archive of the Akademie der Kunste, Berlin. Scharoun donated almost 18,000 drawings, photographs, autographs, correspondence, and models tot he Akademie shortly before his death in 1972--including the charge to guard his copyright interests. Internationally, his built work is considered among the most significant of the 20th century. Like few others, Hans Scharoun has studied the diversity of architectural forms and developed an architecture of unique expression with rigorous consistency. His concert hall for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra made a contribution to architectural history that until today has remained without parallel.




O'Neil Ford Duograph 5: Paraguay

O'Neil Ford Duograph 5: Paraguay

ISBN: 978-3-8030-0759-9

July 2013

Benitez and Corvalan build space whose material quality, lighting, and colors stimulate the senses, spaces on a scale that evokes feelings of shelter and security, as well as astonishment and surprise; spaces that do not fob off the fear of an uncertain future with the same old cliche, but seek to allay it intelligently, transparently, and comprehensibly. They tell us not only what sustainability could actually look like, but also what it feels like, what it sounds like, and what it smells like, and ultimately what it really means.



The Center's proudest production is the award-winning book series, CENTER:Architecture and Design in America. Each volume is a forward-looking, serious exploration of current themes in architecture by some of the country's top authors and architects. 


With volumes alike only in format (8" x 8"), the Centerline series prints essays on and around architecture, too good to be published commercially, important maybe, and interesting always.

The O'Neil Ford Monograph Series

Discovering and rediscovering fine modern architecture around the world, the architecture discussed in both of the O'Neil Ford series are documented with rigor, commented upon with insight, and designed with clarity.

The O'Neil Ford Duograph Series

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