The School of Architecture Technology Lab is located in the basement of Sutton Hall in room 1.102.
Please note that use of SOA IT Services including printing, plotting, and digital fabrication is restricted members of the SOA community.

Hours of Operation

During fall and spring semesters the Technology Lab is open:


8am to 10pm


8am to 10pm


8am to 10pm


8am to 10pm


8am to 6pm


1pm to 6pm


1pm to 10pm

Please Note:

The Service Desk is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am to noon for IT staff meetings and trainings.

For a comprehensive list of days when the above schedule does apply, such as: intersession closures, holidays, etc. please check the schedule exceptions.

Service Desk

In the center of the first floor corridor is the Technology Lab's Service Desk, the school's central location for printing, plotting, large format scanning, helpdesk, and digital equipment checkout. The dedicated staff who run the Technology Lab can be found at the Service Desk to help you with your digital needs. If you need to contact the Service Desk, the telephone number is 512.471.1189.

Access and payment for services

All students enrolled in courses in the SOA have access to the Technology Lab, Service Desk, Computer Classrooms, and digital fabrication resources. All pay-for-services resource, such as printing, plotting, and 3D printing, must be paid for using the Bevo Bucks system. Faculty and staff of SOA also have access, subject to certain restrictions. Please see the Faculty and Staff Computing policies for more information.