Student & Faculty Work

  • Waller Phantasm: Installation by Faculty Clay Odom and Staff Jen Wong featured in Waller Creek Show

    Clay Odom
    Jennifer Wong

  • Empowering New Futures: A Proposal for the Redevelopment of the New Orleans Claiborne Corridor

    Bei Zhang
    Tatum Lau
    Ningneng Xu
    Brianna Garner
    Sarah Simpson


    ULI 2015 New Orleans Iberville Claiborne Corridor Redevelopment
    Empowering New Futures: Proposed Masterplan
  • Historic Preservation / Advanced Design Studio Mexico: Museo Del Contacto

    Catherine Cordeiro
    Lincoln Davidson
    Grace Dixon
    Rebekka Grady
    Vishal Joshi
    Jessica Kulow
    Joshua Lamden
    Andrew Leith
    Ana Lozano
    Grace Mathieson
    Molly McNamara
    Paula Nasta
    Michaela Wright
    Izabella Dennis


    studio mexico design
    Perspective | Josh Lamden, Ana Lozano, Jessi Kulow
  • Student Reports: Texas CityLab Zero Waste Project

    Robert Young

    student waste sort.jpg

    Photo of students conducting a waste sort.
    Students Warner Cook, Katherine Eastman, and Tom Rowlinson conducting a waste sort as part of their research.