Student & Faculty Work

  • Connecting Water to Water: A Sustainable Vision for Austin's South Central Waterfront District

    Jonathan Mosteiro
    Samuel Rojas
    Junfeng Jiao


    East Bouldin Creek Rendering
    East Bouldin Creek Rendering
  • American Discovery Trail Hostel & Headquaters

    Jessica Sadasivan

    Hostel Site Selection.jpg

    Hostel Site Selection Map
    Overlay of factors that contributed to locating the hostel at Point Reyes, California
  • Starting a Community Development Corporation: Report Prepared for Colony Park CDC

    Melissa Beeler
    Changhwan Kim
    Karen E Peris

  • Hallway Defamiliarization

    Ashley Nguyen
    Ashley Harris
    Michelle Cantu
    Caroline Gallagher
    Allison Thorp
    Madeline Lahoda
    Irela Casanova
    Jenna Ahonen
    Adam Barrett
    John Eldred
    Harry Parker
    Omar Salim
    Alexander Koger


    Hallway Installation
    Hallway Defamiliarization