Student & Faculty Work

  • My Beautiful City Austin

    David Heymann

    My Beautiful City Austin cover
  • Latin America Planning Studio 2014

    Bjorn Sletto
    Samuel Tabory
    Sara McTarnaghan
    Rachel Nolley
    Kelly Strickler
    Rebecca Rinas
    Samuel Siegel
    Samantha Kattan
    Kendal Asuncion

  • The Remittance Landscape

    Sarah Lopez

    The Remittance Landscape cover
  • Lions Town: An Ecological Cemetery

    William Niendorff
    Lauren Ko
    Alyssa Hassell
    Jason Sowell

    01_LT_Site Plan.jpg

    Site Plan
    Site Plan for Lions Town: An Ecological Cemetery
  • Spark - Coworking

    Tamie Glass


    The IGNITE Workspace is lively and engaging. Flexible furniture provides the perfect space for collaboration and brainstorming, while the color orange is used to stimulate creative thinking and enthusiasm.
  • Urban Scaffold | Felix Candela Museum & Research Center

    Catalina Padilla
    Brooks Cavender
    Juan Miro


    Street view of Calle Urugay
    Street view from plaza on Calle Uruguay
  • Green Alley Demonstration Project - PID 2014

    Justin Bell
    Ann Charleston
    Kathleen Clark
    Kathleen Coyne
    Elizabeth Farrell
    Justin Fleury
    Adolfo Gonzalez
    Erich Melville
    Daniel Montalvo
    April Ng
    Mark Nordby
    Ellen Sampson
    Kaethe Selkirk
    Sarah Wassel
    Coleman Coker
    Nicole Joslin