Assistant Professor

Clay Odom is a NCIDQ licensed interior designer who has completed building and interiors projects around the country. He has previously worked for SHoP Architects and Studio Sofield in New York City, as lead designer for SHW Group in Austin, and as in-house designer for the fashion house Luca Luca, also in New York.  

Clay founded the design practice of StudioMODO in Austin Texas after leaving POD Design+Media which he co-founded in New York City in 2003. Clay began StudioMODO in 2009 to develop interior design, branding, conceptual art, and furniture projects and research. In addition to his work as a designer, he also has served as an adjunct professor of architecture at The University of Texas at Arlington and The New Jersey Institute of Technology, and has been a visiting professor at Texas Tech University. From 2010-2013, Clay served as a lecturer the University of Texas School of Architecture where he  taught Design I, Design IV, and Design IV Interiors studios.

In the Fall of 2013, Clay began a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor in the Interior Design Program at The University of Texas School of Architecture.  His research involves the exploration concepts of Productions as processes, affects and effects of design in the interior envioronment. With this work, Clay is exploring spatial, atmospheric, lighting, and experiential potentials of the Interior both generating and generated by rigorous manipulation and distribution of geometry, form, material, and surface. This work includes areas of design and process theory as well as advanced computational and fabrication techniques. 

Clay holds a Master of Architecture degree from Texas Tech University and a Master of Science in Advanced Architecture Design from The Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation. He lives in Austin with his wife Amy, daughter Lola, and son Gaines.

photo of Clay Odom