What majors may an undergraduate applicant choose?

Undergraduate degrees are available in architecture and interior design.

What is it like to major in architecture or interior design?

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How do I apply as an undergraduate freshman?

The UT Austin Office of Admissions administers freshman admission for the School of Architecture.  Please visit the Be A Longhorn site for all details about applying to The University of Texas at Austin. Students apply online at www.applytexas.org.

Do you require a portfolio?

We do not accept portfolios for freshman admissions.

Do I need a specific class rank, GPA or SAT/ACT score to apply or be admitted?

We do not have minimum admissions requirements, but those who are admitted typically fall in the top quarter of their class, have a high school GPA of 3.0 or above, and have a high SAT or ACT test score.

Do you require specific high school courses?

The Office of Admissions maintains minimum high school course requirements for freshman application eligibility.  Refer to Be A Longhorn for information on these course requirements. The School of Architecture does not impose additional requirements. However, we recommend that high school students take AP courses (if available) including physics and calculus. In addition, we recommend humanities and elective art classes, such as drawing.

The application asks for a first and second major choice. Should I choose two majors of study in the School of Architecture just in case I am not admitted to my first choice?

No. If a student is not admitted into their first major choice within the School of Architecture, they will not be accepted into another major offered by the School. Therefore, your first major choice should be one of the five programs offered by the School of Architecture (listed below), and the second choice should be a major offered within another college or school at the University. If unsure, we recommend that applicants select “undeclared” within the School of Undergraduate Studies as their second major choice. The undergraduate programs offered by the School of Architecture include the following:

How many students are in The School of Architecture, and how many students do you accept each year?

The School of Architecture consists of roughly 330 undergraduate students and 370 graduate students. Out of approximately 1,000 freshman applicants, 95 students are admitted.

What is your student to teacher ratio in design studios?

13 to 1.

Are SAT subject tests required for admittance into the School of Architecture?

No. However, the SAT Subject Test in Physics is highly recommended if an applicant will not already have college-level physics credit or credit by exam via an Advanced Placement Examination in Physics B; Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism; or Physics C: Mechanics; or International Baccalaureate Examination in Physics (Certificate); Physics (Higher Level) Diploma; or Physics (Standard Level) Diploma

What other test scores award credit by examination?

The University of Texas at Austin has a centralized Student Testing Services center that maintains credit by examination policies

Does the School of Architecture offer scholarships?

The School of Architecture offers various competitive scholarships. A few awards are offered to incoming freshmen. Students need not apply separately for these awards. Continuing SOA students are eligible to apply for scholarships after completing the fall semester of their first year. The University offers many scholarships to new and continuing students as well.

Are new students required to attend summer orientation?

We expect all incoming freshman to attend one of the two July orientation sessions in which the School of Architecture participates.

Contact Information

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Academic Advising Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs: (512) 471-0109, katrina@austin.utexas.edu
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