I was accepted into another College/School at UT Austin, but I want to enroll in the School of Architecture. What do I need to do?

Undergraduates currently enrolled in another college or school at The University of Texas at Austin who wish to pursue a major offered by the School of Architecture must submit an internal transfer application. In order to be eligible to apply, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete at least 24 UT Austin hours in-residence by the end of a spring semester
  2. Earn at least a 3.25 UT Austin GPA
  3. Attend ONE of the fall information sessions in GOL 2.308. Fall dates will be posted before the beginning of the fall semester.
  4. Turn in a completed application by the March 1st deadline

Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission. 

If I am accepted, when and how will I be notified?

Decisions are made after the date all spring grades are posted at the end of the spring semester. You will be notified our decision by email.

How many students are accepted and who is accepted?

The number of internal transfer students admitted is limited and varies from year to year depending upon available space. Emphasis is given to strong performance in university courses, especially classes relevant to the degree program to which the applicant is applying, and to the applicant's written essays.

Can I start taking classes in my desired major?

Yes, UT Austin students who are applying for internal transfer can take certain architecture and interior design courses.

Architecture majors:

  • ARC 308 - Architecture and Society
  • ARC 318K - History of Architecture, Survey I
  • ARC 318L - History of Architecture, Survey II

Interior Design majors:

  • ARI 318K, Interiors and Society*
  • ARI 318M, Interior Design History I*
  • PSY 301, Introduction to Psychology
  • ARC 318L, History of Architecture, Survey II

* Requires instructor permission. After permission is received, please contact the Undergraduate Dean's office to be added.

The remainder of your schedule should be filled with courses that fulfill university core requirements.

What are the requirements to be considered as a summer start design student?

Students who intend to begin in the summer must:

  1. Indicate on the application that they intend to begin the design sequence in the summer and enter the second year of the program the following fall semester
  2. Register for ARC 310K - Design I, ARC 311K - Visual Communication I, ARC 310L - Design II, and ARC 311L - Visual Communication II during the first summer registration access period in the spring
  3. Meet the prerequisites (applies only to prospective architecture majors): Credit for M 408C (or at least M 408K) and PHY 302K/102M (or PHY 303K/103M) is required before enrolling in the summer studio coursework.

The summer program consists of both summer sessions. Students are in class from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. every day.

Are there other opportunities I can take part in to prepare?

Yes. Attend The School of Architecture Lunch Forums on Fridays at noon in Battle Hall; attend the School of Architecture Lecture Series. Visit the events calendar for information on these events. You may also get involved in the student organization that interests you.

How long will I be in school to get my degree?

It depends on the degree program you have decided to pursue and whether you begin the design sequence in the summer or fall.