Adrianne Kartachak, MLA '20

January 23, 2024
Meet Master of Landscape Architecture student Adrianne Kartachak.
Adrianne Kartachak headshot

Why did you choose The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture?

I chose UTSOA because the program is geared to nurture big thinkers who look around and challenge the status quo.

Describe your current role and the work that you do. 

I help curate strategic teams in project pursuits, project manage and design urban infill and hospitality projects in and around Austin. 

What’s something you’ve worked on recently? 

The Graduate Hotel, which will celebrate UT culture and hospitality right next to campus 😊!

How did UTSOA prepare you for your career?

UTSOA taught me to think outside of the box, break the rules, find responsible loopholes, and understand the bigger picture. 

What is an important lesson you learned here that has stayed with you? 

Take risks, boost each other, and collaborate as much as possible – you’ll learn so much more.

What were some of the more memorable classes or experiences from your time at the school?

Some of my most memorable experiences were taking a photography class with Phoebe Lickwar where I learned how to make photos and understand place through both image and experience. 

Another very memorable experience was taking a combined studio with architects that focused on the future of water in Quito, Ecuador led by Hope Hasbrouck and David Heymann. Phoebe, Hope and David all greatly influenced my design philosophy and perspectives. 

Name: Adrianne Kartachak 
Degree + Year: Master of Landscape Architecture, 2020 
Position and Current Employer: Strategy + Project Lead @ TBG Partners 
Hometown: Bel Air, MD 
Current City: Austin, TX