APPLYTEXAS APPLICATION deadline December 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM (CST)

Pre reqs

Prerequisites include at least three hours of college-level Architectural History survey and at least three hours of Architecture Design Studio at an accredited school of architecture OR, in lieu of studio, six months of design/drafting experience in a registered architect or interior designer's office. Students with architecture and pre-architecture degrees usually meet these prerequisites handily. With the permission of the Program Director, the above academic prerequisites can be met after admission to the program, adding one semester—nine credit-hours—to the total curriculum.

Application information

[  ] Follow the application instructions for all UTSOA graduate programs.

[  ] See below for MSAS application requirements.

Graduate School Requirements

[  ] Follow the Graduate School instructions to submit the application, application fee, transcripts and test scores. Applicants should submit a GRE score.

Statement of purpose

[  ] Upload your statement through MyStatus.

+ A 500-700 word essay that outlines a distinct course of inquiry and the motivations thereof.

+ You may submit your ApplyTexas online application before finishing your statement of purpose. You can later upload your statement through MyStatus.

Hypothetical curriculum

[  ] Upload through the writing sample credential on MyStatus.

+ Drawn from past and current course offerings at the University of Texas, which shows the courses you would and could take to pursue your line of inquiry. Students are not held closely to this Hypothetical Curriculum; it is used to prove the feasibility of the proposed course of study.

Three letters of recommendation

[  ] Manage and track your letters through MyStatus.

[  ] Provide recommenders' emails as part of the ApplyTexas online application.

+ Recommenders may include former instructors and professional employers.

+ Letters should include comments on the applicant’s intellectual, communicative, and leadership abilities as well as his or her capacity for creativity and relevant personal characteristics.

+ After you submit your application and pay your application fee, notification emails will be sent to your recommenders. Any delay in submitting your application or application fee will delay the notifications to your recommenders.

Résumé or Curriculum Vitae

[  ] Upload through MyStatus


[  ] Upload as a miscellaneous document through MyStatus

+ Include a portfolio of drawings, writings, or other evidence of creativity and/or research and/or scholarship.