Independent Research Travel Scholarships are competitively awarded to SOA students for independent study or advanced research travel. The majority of the funds are designated for international travel.


These scholarships are only for independent student research travel.

Official faculty-led study abroad programs (such as Study in Italy or Studio Mexico), studio, any type of external coursework, conference, and residency travel are not considered under this category. Students should check with their studio instructors for off-campus studio funding. 

Recipients should be prepared to comply with the student travel policy for international locations. 

Please note:

Mebane Recruitment Award Recipients: Students awarded Mebane international travel scholarship funds as part of an admissions recruitment offer must submit a proposal for review following these deadlines and application process.

Proposals for Previously Completed Travel: Travel scholarships may be applied to travel that has already occurred. Awards for completed international travel require the same application process as for future travel and must include Study Abroad travel authorization documentation to be eligible.

In no case will student travel awards be disbursed and/or may travel occur after a student's graduation.

Application deadlines

Applications for independent research travel are accepted twice each year for travel within the academic year (September 1st to August 31st).

Fall Application (for travel during winter break) - October 10, 2018

Spring Application (for spring break and summer travel) - Febrauary 10, 2019 

Travel scholarship application process

Please review the Sample Travel Proposals before you submit your proposal.

You must submit the Qualtrics survey and email a pdf to have a complete application. All applications must be complete and submitted by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, October 10, 2018. 
1. Submit the Qualtrics survey

2. Submit one single proposal pdf. Save the pdf file as YourLastName_FirstName and email to Include these documents in this order:

   Page 1 | Your Travel Scholarship Application Form
    *Add your electronic signature after you've combined all the pages into a single pdf.

   Page 2 | A one-page résumé summarizing your qualifications 

   Page 3 | A project description of no more than two pages to explain:

  • The overall goals of your research. Joint proposal applications must specify which student will complete each part of the research project.

  • The goals for the travel portion of the research.

  • The methods you will use to conduct your research.

  • Why the travel is a necessary part of your research.

  • The overall importance of the project and how it will benefit your academic career (for example: contribute to your thesis research, professional report, a master design project, etc.).

  • Your destination(s) and timeline for the travel and completion of the research project.

  • Detailed travel costs, include the specific amount requested from the School and your individual contribution.

This document must be submitted electronically. Hard copies or other file formats will not be accepted.

Committee review

A faculty committee evaluates the applications and ranks applications based on merit. The committee then recommends how to distribute available funds among the strongest applications. Given the limited funding available, most awards cover only a portion of each student's total travel costs. 

Award notification and disbursement

The Graduate Admissions and Scholarship Coordinator will notifty applicants of the committee's decision. Recipients must follow the Travel Scholarship Recipient Instructions to receive their awards. 

Travel scholarship endowments and criteria

Blake Alexander Traveling Student Fellowship in Architecture

Graduate students
To support an annual travel award for a student in the last year of the School of Architecture First Professional Degree Program who has demonstrated high academic achievement.

Dick Clark Student Travel Fund 

Undergraduate and graduate students
Funds shall be used to provide international travel support to students in the Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture (First Professional and Post-Professional) programs. Support should be based on the following criteria (in order of importance): 1) Demonstrated financial need and 2) Demonstrated excellence in architectural design.

​Leipziger Travel Fellowship Fund

Fifth-year undergraduate or graduate students

The funds shall be used, at the discretion of the dean of the School of Architecture, to allow fifth year or graduate students in the School of Architecture, individually or in groups, to travel to and in Europe to study environmental design or urban design for course credit in the School of Architecture or for the purpose of writing a thesis in connection with a degree from the School of Architecture.

Mike and Maxine K. Mebane Endowed Traveling Scholarship in Architecture

Undergraduate and graduate students
Student support for study abroad programs and academic or research travel.

School of architecture Domestic travel 

​Undergraduate and Graduate students
To provide support to students in the School of Architecture for study travel in the United States.

Veselka Graduate Research Travel Endowment

​Graduate students
Graduate fellowships to be awarded annually, based on merit, for travel expenses related to preparation of a thesis or dissertation

William H. Emis III Traveling Scholarship in Architecture

Undergraduate and graduate students
To provide support to students in the School of Architecture for study travel in Europe or Asia.

Possible additional funds

If funds remain after the February awarding process, the Travel Scholarship Committee may issue another call for proposals late in the spring semester that would be announced via the student email list.

Students are also encouraged to pursue other scholarship opportunities to fund their travel, including the Study Abroad Office's online scholarship database, Global Assist.

Changes to approved research or travel proposals

For any changes to the approved travel or research plan, recipients must contact the Graduate Admissions and Scholarship Coordinator in advance of any travel. The proposed changes must be approved by the Scholarship Commitee. Failure to receive approval in advance to changes in the travel or research plan will result in returning any funds that may have already been disbursed.

Contact the Graduate Admissions and Scholarship Coordinator if you have any questions about School of Architecture travel scholarships.