ARC 308

This course may be used to fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts component of the university core curriculum and addresses the following four core objectives established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: communication skills, critical thinking skills, teamwork and social responsibility.

This course carries the Global Cultures flag. Global Cultures courses are designed to increase your familiarity with cultural groups outside the United States. You should therefore expect a substantial portion of your grade to come from assignments covering the practices, beliefs, and histories of non-U.S. cultural groups, past and present.

1. To establish a perspective of the role and influence of architecture in society and vis-a-vis other disciplines in the arts and science.
2. To develop an understanding of how architecture is shaped by and reflects cultural values and social organization.
3. To present a broad picture of issues and factors that influence architectural design.
4. To understand how global cultures create environments that both reflect and shape their values.

This is a reading/looking/listening/thinking course. It will follow a lecture format supplemented by related outside reading and required participation in discussion sections that hone skills in critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. Students will also give oral presentations on their research in discussion sections. 




Fall 2023
Spring 2023