ARC 370V / ARC 380V

The focus of this course is to develop a fundamental understanding of the proliferative BIM software REVIT and its parametric counterpart DYNAMO through a series of uncanny and unfamiliar exercises. Throughout the semester, the progressive exercises will ask students to alternate between recognizing and reading unintentional design results and composing and structuring intentional design processes. Each exercise will test, misuse and hopefully break the software’s limits and boundaries in regards to specific attributes and techniques of REVIT such as loadable families, adaptive components, annotations and schedules. The aim at the end of the course is to abandon an architecture based on the defaults and biases of the BIM software REVIT and produce a subversive and explorative architecture with graphic composition that understands the nature of the software structure itself. Aided with reading assignments that lay the foundation for digital thinking within architecture, students will evaluate, critique and command the functions, logics, and design environments of BIM. Special consideration will be given to producing and communicating architecture with the products and exports available in REVIT and within the current architectural practice.

Proficiency in Revit not required.




Fall 2023