ARC / ARI 310K 

The projects and exercises explored during the course of this term are intended to provide the student with a foundation in the perceptual, conceptual, and technique-based skills necessary for subsequent design work in architecture / interior design. Sequentially linked projects will begin by introducing a question, tested through a series of variables, and end with a possible design response. Projects have been devised to encourage many avenues of inquiry with students taking responsibility in framing their own investigations, as well as taking responsibility for their overall progress leading to their final design resolution.


  • To guide students in forming a foundation on which their own values will be developed
  • To provide students with a basis through which to view, assimilate, evaluate, and implement design ideas
  • To introduce students to design in the realm of the senses
  • To encourage an understanding of form as a dependent variable or as a consequence of multiple considerations
  • To find ways to bring something extra to your studio work. Constantly seek additional inputs to your design process - anything from going to the library to bring in copies of related material to finding a video from which the class might benefit


Interior Design


Fall 2023