ARC 523F  

This studio emphasizes architecture as an intellectual or theoretical exploration: emphasis on theory, raison-de-être, program, spatial and formal composition, and overlaps with other disciplines.

You will be exposed to a series of learning goals several times and from various perspectives throughout the Intermediate Studio sequence. Similar ideas are repeated from studio to studio, allowing you to find a “common thread” within the diversity of the topics. The level of expectation will increase as you progress from being introduced to an issue to becoming competent. Some topics might only be mentioned in passing in one studio but will be studied more in-depth in others.

  • Design Composition Skills: Developed through three-dimensional architectural form and space, both exterior and interior; building envelope
  • Design Integration Skills: Demonstrated through creative engagement with issues of materiality, structures, construction, and environmental systems
  • Site Analysis and Design: Developed through the creative engagement with relevant contextual, environmental, and underlying programmatic factors
  • Critical Thinking: Quality of conceptual and critical thought; learning from precedents; research skills
  • Graphic Skills: Presentation quality; clear communication; display appropriate media strategy and skill level
  • Accessibility and Egress: A basic grasp
  • Collaborative and Leadership Skills: Demonstrated through active engagement in all 
    studio activities




Fall 2023