LAR 381S
Instructor: Phoebe Lickwar

Drawing Entanglements: Thinking and Making Landscape is an exploration of drawing as a form of inquiry and as a vehicle for generating design concepts. Drawing in this course is understood as an interactive process of discovery, facilitating ideation and imagination, rather than as a tool for communicating something that is already known. The course problematizes the dominant use of drawing in architectural design as a seamless and placeless illustrative technique and proposes alternative approaches that are site specific and generative.
Students will engage an expanded field of drawing practices through a variety of media, including traditional drawing materials, alternative photographic processes, and digital investigations. Students will develop techniques that activate existing site materials to create analytical and observational drawings. These entanglements will form the basis for an experimental practice of mark making that is relational and contingent. Translation of these drawings into serial compositions and digital iterations will immerse students in process based work that facilitates the production of unique, site specific concepts and forms.



Landscape Architecture


Spring 2023