CAAD Forum: Rasa Navasaityte

Friday March 22, 2024 , noon to 1 p.m.
Location: Dean's Conference Room (GOL 2.302B)
Lecturer Rasa Navasaityte presents " The Architectural Parts of AI"
Event graphic for Rasa Navasaityte's CAAD Forum "The Architectural Parts of AI"

In this talk, Navasaityte will explore a cohesive framework that bridges historical design strategies with the capabilities of AI, focusing on abstraction, architectural integrity, and environmental composition. Drawing from her PhD research, "Between the Parts: Opening the city with Distributive Meanings of Architecture," Navasaityte will examine the interplay of geometrical, architectural, and environmental elements across various scales. By demonstrating how smaller scales can encapsulate larger concepts, she aims to reverse traditional design contexts, leveraging AI's analytical prowess to weave together new ideas.

AI's capacity to process vast amounts of data enables it to comprehend complex contexts and spatial relationships, offering architects new design strategies. This integration allows for a thorough exploration of historical design thinking, enabling the reframing and projection of these strategies into contemporary architectural research. Through this synthesis, the lecture will highlight AI's potential as a tool for innovation, connecting past and future design practices to inspire sustainable and impactful architectural solutions.

The CAAD Forum series is hosted by the Center for American Architecture and Design to bring faculty, students, and staff together for informal and inquisitive discussions about ideas relating to architecture and its history, theory, practice, and future. Presentations introduce and offer insight into new and ongoing research, and are followed by time for Q&A. Lunch provided; first-come first-served.