Constructions in Paper

Monday Nov. 9, 2009 , All Day
Constructions in Paper

Students from three University of Texas in Austin School of Architecture studios explored the material properties of paper in the first assignment of the semester. Each studio assignment was different in their program and design requirements; however, collectively through analog and digital methods of manipulation – folding, bending, perforating, ripping, scoring, crushing, weaving and/or cutting – each form of representation provides a unique designed component and assembly of parts. Generative and iterative explorations are seen in three-dimensionality and in surface analysis.

Zaneta Hong, Michael Beaman, Igor Siddigui, Danelle Briscoe

Design V Studio, Assistant Professor Michael Leighton Beaman, Fall 2009
Design V Studio - Interior, Assistant Professor Igor Siddiqui, Fall 2009
Vertical Studio, Assistant Professor Danelle Briscoe, Fall 2009

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