Digital Craft

Monday Jan. 17, 2011 , All Day
Digital Craft

This exhibit shows the thesis project of Becca Miller, a Costume Technology Masters of Fine Arts student in the School of Theater and Dance. Exploring the possible interface between 3D computer technology and costume technology, Digital Craft: Handmade Craft Meets Digital Design combines seasoned millinery techniques with modern methods of object construction and design presenting practical and useful ways of moving between the virtual and physical world.

Digital Craft evolved out of a collaboration between designers and technicians. Miller consulted with Yoa Chen and Bich Vu, Costume Fashion Designers, and Molly Yestadt, Fashion Designer, for the initial sketches. She then translated the 2D sketches into 3D usable objects by way of virtual space. Using Rhino, Miller created three 3D printed prototypes based on designers sketches. One prototype was chosen and realized into a funtional hat block using a CNC router. Finally, this block was used to create two versions of the hat in different materials. 

Project Creator, Milliner, and 3D Modeler
Becca Miller, Costume Technology MFA Candidate

Costume Hat Designers
Yoa Chen and Bich Vu

Fashion Hat Designer
Molly Yestadt

Exhibit Technical Director
Tramaine Berryhill

CNC Machine Technical Directors
J.E. Johnson, Kate Vaughn

Production Assistance
Lizzie Bracken, Angela Saenz, Erin Chemela

Sydney Mainster

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