Susana Rojas Saviñón and Hortense Blanchard | Estudio Ome

Monday March 4, 2024 , 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.
The founders of Estudio Ome, Susana Rojas Saviñón and Hortense Blanchard, present "Estudio Ome: From the Ground."
Susana Rojas Saviñón and Hortense Blanchard standing side-by-side in front of greenery

What lays underneath our wild landscapes? The importance of soil is often overlooked, and yet the success of most landscape architecture projects largely relies on the space we draw for it. We plan for rainwater to transform dust into fertile mud by slowing it down. We seek to retain earth in between stones allowing roots and moss to take over the hardscape. But how much do we actually control? For this occasion, we decided to dig into some of our past and ongoing projects from the ground up and reveal the untold details of their foundation from design to construction. 


Estudio Ome is a Mexico City-based studio founded in 2018 by Susana Rojas Saviñón and Hortense Blanchard, a French-Mexican duo with education in architecture and landscape architecture. The pair are constantly questioning how we interact with nature and where to intervene to get the perfect balance in between what is built and what is alive. Through extensive research and inspiration from botany, archaeology, infrastructure, agroecology, and art, Estudio Ome endeavors to represent the complexity and richness of natural environments and the profound respect they have towards them by bringing them closer. The studio engages in landscape projects at all scales, through practice and theory, that respond to both people and the natural world. We are a small team of landscape architects, architects, and designers dedicating their talent towards landscape architecture, regional planning, public space design, garden design, productive spaces, and any detail outdoor spaces require.