Exhibition: "HyperStyle"

April 15 to Aug. 10, 2016, All Day

spaceCAMP is a collaboration between Mason Leland Moore [MArch '08] and Joel Nolan [MArch '09]. spaceCAMP’s mission is to experiment with materials and explore spatial concepts through an ongoing series of site-specific installations. HyperStyle was conceived with an interest in highlighting the perceived physical tension found between the cumbrous concrete floor and ceiling of the Materials Lab at the School of Architecture. Metaphorically emblematic of conventional construction techniques, this installation consists of two overlapping grids of slender columns; one sprouting from the floor while another drifts down from the ceiling above. The tension of these two forces materializes in a pattern created by overlap and color change. The installation works to create and focus on a series of figurative relationships spanning from the smaller units to the context of the room in which the entire installation has been cited.  

Hyperstyle was covered in The Architect's Newspaper. Read it here.