Looking to the Future: Youth's Environmental Insights and Imperatives

Feb. 27 to 29, 2024, All Day
Location: TACC Vislab
An exhibition highlighting youth perspectives on the environment and the power of “photovoice.”
Several screens in a dark room lit up showing photographs as part of the "Looking to the Future" exhibition

“Looking to the Future” is an exhibition of photographs by youths in East Austin and Texas’s Rio Grande Valley, presented through an interactive display at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) Vislab. The images, paired with narratives from their photographers, offer insight into youth’s experience of and imperatives for the environment, while also demonstrating the power of “photovoice,” a participatory research method that amplifies participant voices and drives change. 

The exhibition is part of a broader Planet Texas 2050 project co-led by Assistant Professor Miriam Solis and Associate Professor in the Dell Medical School Carmen Valdez, and other collaborators across UT Austin and Pharr, Texas. The project will also be documented by a forthcoming volume of the Center for American Architecture and Design’s Centerline series. 

The exhibition is curated by UTSOA CRP student Adrian Montoya, with support from the Center for American Architecture and Design and the Beran Centennial Lectureship.