Lunch 'n Learn | Drophouse Design (11/6)

Wednesday Nov. 6, 2019 , All Day
Cocina ATX

On Wednesday, November 6, Matt Satter, founding partner and COO of Drophouse Design joined us for our final lunch ‘n learn of the semester. Drophouse is a design/build/fabrication firm located here in Austin that was founded by Matt and his partner, Christian Klein, in 2012 after they met while teaching architecture in India. The name Drophouse comes from the idea of using “drop”—scrap material—to create places for living.

Drophouse has a combined wood and metal shop, allowing them to design and then fabricate whole interiors, such as in Cocina ATX (pictured), where they created the curved wooden ceiling, millwork, framing, screens, lighting, louvers, and more. The integration of fabrication into the design/build model allows Drophouse to efficiently and artfully create these assemblies because of the years of experience they have learning to understand the properties of the materials they’re designing with. Each material comes in different standard sizes, reacts to heat differently, can be bent in different ways, and because Drophouse has come to know these parameters through trial and error, they are uniquely capable of producing well thought-out designs that use materials in more unconventional ways. For more information on Drophouse, visit their website.