Lunch 'n Learn | Kalwall (02/06)

Wednesday Feb. 6, 2019 , noon to 12:45 p.m.

On Wednesday, February 6 th 2019, the Materials Lab hosted Jim Fierro,  the regional sales manager at Kalwall Corporation, for a Lunch 'n Learn session on innovative, high performance translucent building systems.

According to Fierro, "Kalwall is the most highly insulating, diffuse light-transmitting, structural sandwich panel in the world. While there are other translucent products on the market, none can match Kalwall’s ability to provide unparalleled light quality and superior thermal performance at a reasonable cost. In the sixty years that we have worked with lightweight, composites technologies, we have perfected this unique fenestration technology that harvests balanced, natural daylight while providing the ultimate in energy efficiency."

The session covered a brief overview of the composition, structure, and applications of Kalwall paneling systems. Kalwall is an energy-saving alternative to glass due to its diffusing properties, which results in less heat gain in the building. In addition, Fierro discussed the company's trajectory, special services such as building daylight modeling, and previewed new panel designs soon to be released.