Materializing Design | 3D Printing

Wednesday Sept. 29, 2021 , 12:30 to 1 p.m.
Location: Goldsmith Hall
Event Poster

The Materials Lab kicked off the 'Materializing Design' series with a presentation by Danelle Briscoe. Danelle Briscoe is an associate professor at UTSOA and an expert in both material and digital fabrication. The 'Materializing Design' series is meant to be a "show-n-tell" demo series that explore methods of "materializing design" in model-making, prototyping, and full-scale fabrication. 

The session provided an overview of 3D printing as well as a variety of methods and uses of 3D printing in model-making and full-scale fabrication. Professor Briscoe explained the history of 3D printing and how the technologies came to be (technologies behind the 3D printing industry began here at the University of Texas in Austin!) along with specific technical information about the different methods of 3D printing. Professor Briscoe also presented physical examples of 3D printed objects for participants to interact with.