Open House Collection: GRASSES

Wednesday Nov. 13, 2019 , noon to 1 p.m.
grass composite

GRASSES was the first of a series of curated collections at the Materials Lab showcasing diverse themes found within our 28,000+ samples. The exhibition, held in Fall 2019,  showcased a wide range of material products derived from the Graminae family of flowering plants. Grasses are defined by their hollow stems which join at alternating, sheathing leaves, and flowers arranged in spikelets. Of more than 12,000 known species, common examples of grasses grown in high volumes around the world include bamboo, corn, rice, sorghum, and wheat. Although grasses for human use are most prevalent in the food supply chain, providing just over half of global dietary energy, they are also viable resources for products in many other industries due to their rapid renewability. The GRASSES collection presented a diverse range of grass-based material products used in buildings, infrastructure, and consumer products.

To learn more about the materials displayed in GRASSES, please refer to the collection handout