Stone Carving Workshop at Kincannon Studios

Thursday Sept. 17, 2015 , 10 a.m. to noon
Kincannon Studios

The Materials Lab hosted a second hands-on stone carving workshop at Kincannon studios, led by Joseph and Holly Young-Kincannon and their associate Aaron Payne. Joseph and Holly met onsite at the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, in New York City, a project on which Joseph worked as a stone carver and Holly a project manager. The two moved to Austin in 1992 and opened an interdisciplinary studio that provides design, planning, preservation, and stone sculpting services. 

Workshop participants learned about Joseph and Holly’s history, how they got into the trade, the history of stone carving in Texas and the region's unique limestone-rich geological location, and the hand-tools used to carve stone and their specific uses. Students collaborated on creating carved elements on a large limestone slab that will eventually be on public display in Austin alongside two similar collaborative slabs.

Photos courtesy of Corey Rothermel and Holly Kincannon.


2601 E 5th St.