Workshop | Bamboo Featuring Ewe Jin Lo

March 2 to 4, 2021, 5 to 7 p.m.
Location: Virtual
Ewe Jin Low Portrait

This workshop explored the wide range of architectural possibilities of bamboo. Used all over the world, largely in tropical and subtropical climates, bamboo is a fast growing, sturdy, sustainable, and beautiful option for construction. 

In Part One of the workshop, Ewe Jin Low, founder of TenTen Design and an internationally known bamboo construction tinstructor, gave a presentation on contemporary bamboo building practices and fielded questions about building with bamboo and its numerous possibilities. Working primarily in Bali and Australia, Ewe Jin has not only designed and constructed many bamboo buildings, he has also led many bamboo workshops teaching the unique properties of working with bamboo through his website Better Bamboo Building. See below for a link to his presentation and discussion:

In Part Two of the workshop, participants were supplied with a workshop kit containing the pieces to make a bamboo plant stand. Led via Zoom, participants learned some of the common lashing techniques used in constructing with bamboo.

Ewe Jin Low started off the workshop with a brief look on the various joinery techniques of bamboo--both traditional and contemporary. The rest of the workshop was dedicated to constructing the plant stand and explaining the lashing techniques used to construct the stand.See below for the recording of Part Two:

For more about bamboo and the research that went into the workshop refer to the methodology report below:

Bamboo Workshop Methodology Report

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