Workshop | Plastics Featuring LoFi Recycling Studio

Tuesday Feb. 15, 2022 , 5 to 7 p.m.
Location: Goldsmith Hall
Bioresin Cast

The Materials Lab hosted a bio-resin casting workshop led by Samantha Panger. Samantha Panger is a MLA candidate, founder of LoFi Recycling Studio, and a [RE]Verse Pitch fellow and grant recipient in 2020. LoFi aims to divert hard to recycle waste streams into new products and encourage communal agency in plastic recycling.

Following their win in the 2020 [RE]verse Pitch competition, LoFi began making home goods by utilizing shredded vinyl record offcuts and waste. This local resource is combined with a petroleum-free bio-resin to create vessels with a speckled composite body. This workshop tackled some of the unique challenges of DIY plastics recycling and walked participants through the process of capturing shredded plastic waste and old paint in petroleum-free bio-resin to create small vessels with a dappled hydridic finish. The session concluded with participants casting their very own vessel using the LoFi recycling process.

For more information about the LoFi recycling process and the research that went into the workshop, please refer to the methodology report link on this page.