ARI 368R / 388L

ARI 368R/388L explores the history of interior design, covering the period from the late eighteenth through the twentieth centuries. The course explores prevailing design philosophies as well as the relationship of interior design to architecture and the broader social context, including economic and social influences, throughout history. This course focuses on developing students' visual vocabulary of interior design, including interior spaces, furniture, architectural details, and decorative arts objects. Students will familiarize themselves with sources and concepts used in interior design history and theory; enhance their critical thinking and writing skills; and develop methods for scholarly research within the field of interior design. Students will also hone their research and writing skills, with specific attention to standards of scholarship within the fields of architectural history, interior design history, design history, and historic preservation. The course meets twice a week, in person, for one-and-a-half hours, and carries the Writing Flag as a Substantial Writing Component (SWC). Students are expected to read a wide array of primary and background texts and participate in writing assignments.


  • Develop and demonstrate an understanding of how social, economic, cultural, and physical contexts inform interior design
  • Exposure to a variety of cultural norms and opportunities for developing multicultural awareness
  • Awareness of the basic context and framework of history as it relates to art, decorative arts, and material culture
  • Understand the basic context and framework of history as it relates to interior design, furniture, architectural styles, and movements
  • Understand the social, political, and physical influences affecting historical changes in the design of the built environment
  • Exposure to diverse historical perspectives
  • Effectively express ideas and rationale in written communication


Interior Design


Fall 2023