ARI 693K

This studio-based course is the first of three core studios in the Master of Interior Design I program. The focus is on developing a set of creative, technical, and conceptual skills necessary for the pursuit of effective and rigorous design practice. The course draws from the field of interiors as well as architecture, contemporary art, and beyond.

The studio serves as a space in which students rehearse the role of a designer as a creative and intellectual leader capable of generating both questions and solutions through their work. The course is project-based, meaning that students produce work as a response to prompts and parameters presented by the instructor. Emphasis is placed on sustained design exploration based on iteration and in response to both critical self-reflection and constructive external input. Students learn how to participate in public discussions, assessments, critiques, and evaluations of their individual design work as well as that of their peers.

The ‘studio’ is simultaneously (1) a course, (2) a physical space where students and the instructor meet, as well as (3) a cohort of people with common learning objectives and pursuits whose interactions, both structured and informal, contribute to collective intellectual and creative growth


Interior Design


Fall 2023