Palantir Pavilion by Lilli Geen and Xie Maggie Hill

Every year, the World Economic Forum is held in Davos, Switzerland where leaders, advocates, and corporate influencers engage in conversations around broad global concerns. Many of these attendees also include technology companies, such as Palantir. Palantir is an Americancompany that specializes in big data analytics. Their client profile covers a range from working with governments to other private companies. Their pavilion at the World Economic Forum is crucial because due to negative media reception, they must rely on direct client interactions to form a positive reputation and maintain client privacy.

This project aims to provide Palantir with a space that establishes different levels of privacy andpersonability to harbor the trilateral connections that the company strives for. Palantir definesthese connections as moments where they can facilitate interactions between existing and potential clients.

Palantir is a company that pushes for innovation and creativity. They often state they do not try to compete but instead set the precedent for what technology can do. In a similar manner, thewood wall system that we designed consists of layers and contoured curves to organize space and reflect a new and memorable image for Palantir. Our design evolved from studying this wallsystem and understanding its construction, in order to provide conditions for these trilateral connections.

Spring 2020 Design Excellence Award Winner

Lilli Geen and Xie Maggie Hill
Interior Design VI
Instructor: Allison Gaskins