Taylor Community Center and Health Hub by Mary Claire Moravits

The Taylor Community Center and Health Hub consists of a renovated abandoned elementary school in Taylor, Texas. The redesign facilitates a sense of community and provides essential services such as meals and health care for local community members.

Through the use of organic colors and light, distinct points of hospitality and comfort are created. Each reference to assistance is marked by the color orange, servingas a focal point of hospitality to community members. The colors blue and green refer to community member spaces, instilling comfort in these color-blocked spaces.

The first-floor community center is comprised of flexible, vibrant spaces to facilitate a sense of welcoming and hopefulness. The second-floor care clinics contain atmospheric qualities and ambient lighting in order to convey elements of serenity and comfort. By creating two distinct floors connected by references to assistance and comfort, community members of Taylor can receive effective care while also having a place to congregate with other local members.

Spring 2020 Design Excellence Award Winner

Mary Claire Moravits
Interior Design Intermediate IV
Instructor: Tamie Glass